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Recycled Lumber


Southern Yellow Pine

  1. Moderately resistant to decay
  2. Sapwood is yellowish white, heartwood is reddish brown
  3. Distinct smell that is shared among most species in the Pinus Genus.

Long Leaf Yellow Pine is in the group of Southern Yellow Pines sharing the hard, dense, and great strength-to-weight ratio. It is most commonly used for construction: poles, joists, piles and roof trusses, as well as sub-flooring and sheathing. Long Leaf Yellow Pine is extremely easy to work with as it works well with most tools.

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White Pine

  1. Light, straight-grained wood
  2. Easily worked
  3. All White Pine ages to a golden yellow color depending on exposure

White Pine is generally a light, straight-grained wood and is easy to work with. It is often used for interior trim, window sashes, door frames, furniture, and cabinets. It also posses excellent durability without shrinking with moisture.

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  1. Has the highest weight-to-strength ratio
  2. Relatively soft, straight grain
  3. Exceptional acoustic properties and is used in the construction of pianos, guitars, violins and other musical instruments

Spruce lumber holds a straight grain which produces slow and consistent growth patterns. It is used for structural applications. Spruce's tight-knit fibers allow it to stand up to the elements which makes it perfect for outdoor siding or on decks and balconies.

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  1. Grows harder with age
  2. Works easily with hand or power tools
  3. Commonly used in saunas

Hemlock is used for frames, sheathes, and floors. Mills often turn the wood into windows, frame-and-panel doors, moldings, and paneling. Hemlock has great strength and wear-resistance which make it great for ladders and stair components.

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Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir.

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New Lumber


Black Locust

  1. Leader in creating finished wood products
  2. Naturally rot resistant
  3. Withstands wear

Black Locust wood is an excellent decking material. It requires little maintenance and can last over 50 years without any decay.

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